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    • Over the past decade, a change has been occuring, transforming the way we think about disability support. We acknowledge that the day service model doesn't suit everyone and are looking for ways to tailor our support to the individual.

      The Self-Directed approach is a model that lets service users drive the planning process. It's a new philosophy and design to help organisations, support workers and families give power ro the individual.

    • About Us

      Peninsula Access Support and Training is an Organisation that works to support individuals with disabilities to achieve their life goals.
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    • Management

      P.A.S.T. prides itself on the professional approach taken with the holistic managment of the Organisation, focussing on staff inclusion.
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    • Services

      P.A.S.T offers a range of varied services to compliment whatever an individual may need. Support options are endless.
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    • Make A Difference

      To achieve goals for the people P.A.S.T. supports, your generosity is much needed and appreciated, whether it be time, money or donations.
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      Access to current news from P.A.S.T., as well as many of the policies and procedures, publications, media releases, website links and resources.More Information

    • Careers

      Peninsula Access Support and Training offers varied career options within the Disability Services Sector. There are many opportunities for employees.More Information

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